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League Success


Congratlations to all who competed in Wigan at the National League event.  We hope to have the final League Table ready for publication by 1st November!


Special well done to our medalists - Charlotte Male, Mark Percival, Luke Hazeltine and Jazz Nolan Kemp.

NDP Success

Last weekend a squad of competitors travelled to Telford for the culmination of the competitive season for the NDP trampoline and DMT finals.  Day one gave Rhianna Bryon her chance to prove how hard work pays off and she really did herself proud earning a bronze medal.


Day two started with Luke Hazeltine and Catherine Gamble on DMT, both stuck all their passes and came away with a gold and silver respectively.  


Next to go was Imogen Cartright, an uncharacteristic error in her first pass meant that she ended up in 5th place, still a very good placing.  


Finally Luke took to the trampoline and after two solid routines managed to take the gold to make it a double gold medal haul for the weekend.


Sadly due to injury Harvey Brooks, who also qualified, was unable to attend the event.


Massive congratulations to all the performers, we look forward to seeing more next year!

British Success

Last weekend 7 members of the Team Bath Evolution Trampoline squad travelled to Liverpool to compete in the pinnacle event of the season, the British Championships.


All 7 competitors were competing in the disabilities events at the championships which showcases the very best of the best in the country.


Robbie Andrews, Katie Tamin, Grace Craig, Anna Talbot Ponsonby, George Nicol, Teigan Higgs and Rebecca Saddler all competed on the Sunday. 


All performers worked incredibly hard and did themselves proud, Teigan earning herself and 4th place finish alongside team mate Katie Tamin who got 6th.  Grace Craig did herself proud in her first British Championships taking 4th place just ahead of team mates Rebecca Saddler in 5th and Anna Talbot Ponsonby in 7th.  Finally George Nicol jumped well with his highest difficulty in a British Championship to take 5th being pipped by team mate Robbie Andrews who also competed his highest ever difficulty with two double somersaults to take the bronze medal.


Head Coach Sarah Hunt said “we are all incredibly proud of all the performers and how they handled themselves in such a big arena.  We look forward to seeing more progress over the coming year and to more success next year”.

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